Who We Are And What We Do

We only care about one thing - fixing discs without surgery. Too often people go into surgery before realizing there is another way to un-bulge or un-herniate discs safely.

Spinal decompression using the DRX9000 is the only proven way to avoid spinal disc surgery.

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Our Doctors

We are disc experts with over 2 decades in treating injured discs without surgery.
Many surgeons and pain management specialists will refer to us patients that don't want surgery.

  • Chad Glines, DC

    Dr. Glines has 11 years of non-surgical disc treatment. He helped create the working protocol that has been proven to be so successful that doctors all across Texas use his methodology.
  • Caleb Bradoock, DC

    Dr. Braddock has a passion for absolute health. For 10 years he has successfully gotten people back to a normal life that were told it wasn't possible.