Degenerative Discs

Degenerative Discs

Degenerative Discs effect just about everyone at some point in their lives.

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Health Information

Degenerative discs, AKA Degenerative Discs Disease (DJD), is an age related condition that affects the discs ability to provide shock absorbency between the bones of the spine.

Medical Treatments

Our solution by combining non-surgical spinal decompression with rehabilitation and pain management, has proven to be very much more effective than the traditional path of steroid injections to reduce the pain. Many people don't get treatment for degenerative discs because they may not be aware of the problem for years.

Symptom Check

Symptoms range from: dull aches, tightness, shooting pain, numbness and tingling and burning sensations along the nerve path.  Symptoms vary greatly depending on the severity of the disc. In almost all cases degenerative discs are also bulging that cause pinched nerves.

Why Us?

Our approach to disc problems has been proven time and again to be effective.  We never charge for the first visit for our disc patients.  The reason is that we really want to be sure you are a good candidate for spinal decompression.  After the consultation, if the doctor thinks he can help you, you will then get a free decompression treatment.

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