Knee Pain

Knee Pain

Knee pain is one of the top reasons people visit their doctor each year.  

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Knee pain is very common across all ages. Of course as we age knee pain is more common, and often the pain becomes worse and more often. Knee pain from aging is generally due to arthritis in the knee joint. This type of arthritis can be debilitating and limiting to normal activities.

Medical Treatments

Treatment usually always involves getting images of the knee. This can be an x-ray (most common) or MRI. Once the problem is identified, treatment can range from simple pain meds, exercise, physical therapy or hyaluronic gel injections. Most patients feel relief immediately after treatment and the treatment can be long term.

Symptom Check

Most common symptoms are pain under the knee cap. But arthritic pain can be felt behind the knee and on the sides of the knee, more commonly on the inside of the knee. Arthritis in the knee usually has pain that lasts longer durations of time.

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We specialize in treating knee arthritis with hyaluronic injections due to the very high success rate. Most patients feel relief immediately before leaving our office.

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