So you have been dealing with the pain long enough and your doctor finally decides to send you for an MRI to see what’s going on.

The results????….

A bulging or herniated disc!

What’s next?

Maybe a shot? Maybe a lot of physical therapy?  Maybe surgery?

Let me explain….

The one thing after an MRI is the MRI radiology report.  This is the 1-3 page report where the actual radiologist reads your films and measures and reports exactly what is going on and what is the cause of the problem.

This is PARAMOUNT!  Why? Because it gives you so many answers!

Unfortunately, the terms the radiologist use to describe your condition are NOT the terms that regular people understand so it’s a lot like reading legal jargon.  Confusing and boring!


Is to find someone who will take their time to explain this to you.  To help you truly understand the nature of your condition in terms that you and understand.

At Genesis Back & Neck we take each new patient and give them all the time we need to truly investigate the cause of their ailment. We not only read the MRI with them line by line but we use large screen animations to make those technical terms come to life in living color so patients truly have an understanding of what is going on with them and why they feel the way they do.

If a doctor tells you that you immediately need a particular procedure but he or she hasn’t taken the time to thoroughly explain what is going on and how that procedure can help you it may be a good idea to seek a second opinion before moving forward.

At Genesis we believe that you should feel comfortable and confident in who you are getting care from and a lot of that is shown in the fact that we don’t rush through your findings or even worse, the explanation so YOU know exactly what is going on!

If you would like us to review your MRI or X-rays at no cost to see if we might be able to help you with true spinal decompression, using our 13 year proven protocol with the DRX-9000, please feel free to give one of our locations a call!

If we can help, we will tell you:  if we can’t…. we will tell you that too!

Just an honest opinion and a hopeful strategy for getting you the relief you deserve!