The best non-surgical solution for bulging and herniated disc

Avoid Surgery in Shawnee.

We have been helping people avoid disc surgery for over 17 years.

We use the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression System which is proven to ‘un-bulge’ and ‘un-herniate’ discs without surgery.

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MRI and/or X-Ray Review

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Take advantage of our no-cost consultation where you can sit with the doctor, review your MRI’s/X-rays, answer your questions, and even get a spinal decompression treatment the same day.

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  • Private 1-on-1 Consult with the Doctor
  • MRI and/or X-Ray Review
  • Case Evaluation
  • Initial Treatment on the DRX-9000
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Wed – Fri: 9-12 & 2-5:30
Sat: 9-12
Sun-Tues: Closed

Hear Our Patients’ Stories

Genesis has been helping people with bulging and herniated disc for over 17 years! We use the DRX-9000 Spinal Decompression system along with our proven protocol to help patients avoid surgery and finally get their life back! With a proven success rate of 86-90% you can rest assured that this is the most successful, non surgical solution to disc problems! Our proven track record and commitment to the highest level of patient care is one of the many reasons that surgeons, pain management and primary care doctors refer to us! If you are looking for a drug-free, surgery-free SOLUTION to your bulging, herniated, or degenerative disc we would love the opportunity to serve you!

Dr. Joseph Holman

During undergraduate studies at Oklahoma State University, Dr. Holman worked for a Pain Management Clinic in preparation for applying to Medical School. There he was able to witness the cycle of symptomatic treatment, the effects of narcotics, and a wide population of extremely sick individuals with no path to recovery. These encounters led him to find a more holistic approach to the human body.

Dr. Holman was accepted into Parker College of Chiropractic (now Parker University) in Dallas, Texas where he began to connect how the body functions with symptoms presented to many of his former patients. The ability to determine the source of those symptoms and address an underlying issue was the key to living a symptomatic free life. While completing the Doctor of Chiropractic program, Dr. Holman was invited to a resident internship at Tulsa’s Cancer Treatment Centers of America where his knowledge of nerve function, disease prevention & nutrition could be used in conjunction with specialized treatment for patients. Dr. Holman is honored to now serve on The Oklahoma State Chiropractic Board.

Shawnee Spine strives to address the root cause of many symptoms that affect quality of life. Dr. Holman is proud to serve individuals of all ages and is considered the leading practice for pediatric chiropractic treatments in the area.

Dr. Holman resides in the town he was raised, Prague, OK, with his wife, Lindsay, and their four children, Finn, Thatcher, Abbott & Murphy Claire. Their family loves the outdoors and you will most likely find them in the mountains of Colorado or fishing a pond close to their home!

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